The Lottery Ticket by Anton Chekhov - Money, people, moral and characters

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Money, people and moral

The story reflects the bad aspects of the money and describes the selfish human nature. The couple in the story are happy to some extent, but the thought of money makes them dissatisfied. In fact, it can destroy their love. There is respect in their relationship. However, because Masha hopes to travel too, Ivan has hatred feelings towards her. People can forget about their dear ones when they find things that would satisfy their desires. Therefore, the story deals with a human reality too. In conclusion, people may be greedy by nature, but it is better for them to be content with what they have because money can’t buy happiness.

Tags: theme, moral lesson

Ivan is the main character. Though he seems to be satisfied with his lot in life at first, his thought of winning the lottery suddenly spoils the small happiness that he has. He is greedy and hypocritical.

Masha’s thoughts can reveal her qualities. She begins thinking that her husband will be after her money. She begins to hate him because he is the first one who would try to have all her money.

Both Masha and Ivan have the same thoughts at the end of the story when the author says, “Hatred and hope both disappeared at once.”