Research on Modernist Novelists

Thursday, September 22, 2022

This is my graduation research on 'Modernist Novelists' dated 11th April 2010. It was supervised by Prof. Dr. Ghada Ragaa' Hussein. Ain Shams University, Faculty of Al-Alsun. You can download the full research through the link below.


The aim of this research is to focus on modernist novelists with particular reference to Joseph Conrad’s The Secret Agent, published in 1907. The first part of this approach will be an inclusive analysis to the term “modernism”, what marks this literary epoch and the external influences that push internal conflicts out of the modernists, move them forward, thereby, incite them to flow and express strongly, in addition to a pivotal twist that will set out a handful of accounts of modernist novelists. Joseph Conrad will be picked out as a central theme in the subsequent part, illustrating why he is considered to be a perfect, influential model as a modernist novelist, besides argumentation which sheds the light on features of modernism that do exist in Conrad’s texts. Upon that, there will be a summary of the main ideas. Nevertheless, the view to be formed is that based on realistic, even up-to-date political tinge, The Secret Agent actually is in line with the aspirations of the modernist era, inadvertently addresses the modern world by featuring the fragmented nature of language, knowledge, chronology and alienation.

Download the full research directly through this link.